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The company offers various dental CAD/CAM solutions. The services include:
  • Scanning (impression and model)
  • Designing (fixed prosthodontics, custom abutments, post and core, splints, wax-ups, smile design)
  • Milling
  • 3D printing
  • Zirconia sintering
Products are created using physical models and digital files (.stl .dcm. ply and .obj). You can send your files trough homepage or by using the following link: mill-it.wetransfer.com
Models and impressions are scanned with Degree Of Freedom HD scanners.
We are designing with exocad and Blender for Dental software.
We are using CORiTEC 350i series milling machines. 
We are using ASIGA MAX UV and ASIGA PRO 4K 3D printer.
We are milling:
We can always order materials according to customers wishes.
3D Printing
We print:
  • Models
  • Waxups
  • Custom trays
  • Try-ins
  • Night guards
  • Gingivectormy guides
  • Surgical guides

We use Asiga and Keystone printing materals.
Asiga 4K Pro
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