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Mill-IT website uses cookie technology. We need cookies to provide more personalized and convenient services. Visiting Mill-IT web page will save, among other, the following information: type and version of the web browser, device type and OS, IP Address, visiting length and time of the web page, visited web pages and demographic information such as selected language and location. All the statistics is used anonymously and are not linked to any real person.


Cookies are small text files uploaded to the user’s computer via the e-environment’s server. As a result, the web browser can send information of the cookie back to the e-environment during every new visit to the e-environment, in order to recognize the user. Cookies may be disabled in your browser settings, if you have selected this option. Keep in mind that in some cases it may slow down the browsing of a website, reduce the functionality of certain websites or prevent access to them.


As a rule, we use data collected with cookies for the following purposes:


  • Development of services: By tracking cookies, we can improve the functioning of our web page. For example, we can get information on what are the most popular parts of our website, which websites our users will pass by, from which websites they come from and how much time they spend at our web page.


  • Usage analysis: We use cookies to compile statistics on the number of visitors to our web page and we also evaluate the effectiveness of advertisements.


Our websites have links to third-party websites, products and services, as well as social media extensions (e.g., Facebook and Instagram plugins, Google Analytics, Statcounter) for marketing and statistics purposes. Third-party services or third-party applications on our websites are subject to the privacy protection rules of third parties. We recommend that you acquaint yourself with the personal data protection practices of data concerning such persons

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