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Katana tsirkoonium
UTML - so translucent that light reaches the original tooth color, bringing you the natural result you need. This zirconia has one of the highest translucency levels on the market, as well as a natural color gradient. Available in 16 VITA shades.

STML -  light is transmitted in the incisal area and blocked in the cervical area. You have the flexibility to make beautiful full contour prosthetics, regardless of the abutment color. It’s a pioneer of zirconia with a color/natural translucency and color gradient.
Kuraray Katana
HTML PLUS  - characterized by the use of unique raw materials that correspond to high speed sintering, improved translucency and that without compromising strength. The result is a reliable framework or monolithic bridge with a beautiful shape and color fitting the patient’s natural dentition. HTML has the strongest strength (1150 MPa) in KATANA™ Zirconia. Ideal for frameworks, full contour and cutback restorations for up to 16 units. Available in 14 VITA shades.

YML - This innovative raw material combination of highly translucent zirconia with high strength will empower your dental lab. KATANA™ Zirconia YML delivers efficiency, clarity, simplicity and precision in handling without compromising the quality of the outcomes!
Aidite zirconium
3D Pro Multilayer - High aesthetic zirconia, that has 6 layers of natural color transition, matching color gradient of natural tooth from cervical to incisal. Translucency from 57% in incisal to 43% in cervical.
Suitabel for up to 16 unit bridges with strength gradient from 600 Mpa to 1050 Mpa. Comes in 16 VITA shades.
Aidite 3d pro
Extra Translucent - The most flexible zirconium dioxide, for all indications - a real all-rounder. It combines strength with aesthetics, the genuine, natural zirconium dioxide option for you.
(4Y-TZP) available in 7 color gradients and 1 bleach shade, 45% translucence, flexural strength > 1,150 MPa.
You can use priti®multidisc ZrO2 multicolor Extra Translucent to fabricate inlays, onlays, veneers, partial crowns, monolithic, fully anatomical and partially or fully veneered crowns and bridges (up to 16 pontics) and custom anterior and posterior suprastructures on natural abutment teeth and implants. Its unique feature is its balance between high translucence and high flexural strength. This means the material can be recommended without reservation for flexible use across a particularly broad range of indications.
Dental Direkt zirconium
DD Bio ZX2 Color - natural chroma – high translucent zirconia according to VITA® shades with flexural strength of 1200 MPa.
The DD Bio ZX2 system combines the known positive properties of classic zircon with a significant increase in translucency. This material is perfect for all highly aesthetic restaurations.
Perfect for:
  • monolithic crowns and bridges
  • cut back (one layer) 
  • highly aesthetic veneering
Dental Direkt
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